Super JanKenPow

A collaboration with Jamaal Sawyer at FTB Studios. Reminiscent of retro arcade games, Super JanKenPow is a simple rock paper scissors game (Jan-ken) with a twist: you are the rock (or paper or scissors). Battle for supremacy while feasting on gorgeous transitions and jamming to killer chip tunes. I kind of helped figure out the…


A game I helped design and implement as a prototype to be used in an educational game development competition. The game has a mobile-friendly format with 12 levels. Each of the first 9 levels teaches a new tool and the last three levels are puzzles for assessment. The objective is to collect gears around a…


A game I helped develop that was commissioned by the Department of Education.  The game is HTML5/javascript using ImpactJS as the base engine. It works on Chrome, Firefox and IE9+ and is compatible with iPad devices. It won the Codie Award 2013 for best educational game or simulation ( Link:

Global Data Consortium

A website I ported to Magento from Joomla. An interactive map with data import/export settings and a shopping cart. The application handles large data set transfers and purchases. Link:  

CocaCola kiosk games

A few years back I was contracted to work on a few games for a CocaCola mobile truck. The games were intended to run in kiosks, which presented a few UX challenges such as how the operators would start them, how the operators could end them and managing memory efficiently so that running them for…