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CocaCola kiosk games

A few years back I was contracted to work on a few games for a CocaCola mobile truck. The games were intended to run in kiosks, which presented a few UX challenges such as how the operators would start them, how the operators could end them and managing memory efficiently so that running them for a long time didn’t cause slow downs. I was fortunate to work with a client who was a designer and knew his way around flash, so assets were delivered in a flash file and I worked on coding in AS3. The four games use a common base class to control the user input, interface and transitions. The gameplay is implemented in a component class that uses events to trigger win screens, lose screens, etc. The architecture is very simple but effective and when we went on to add a fourth game to the mix (PushPlay), development time was very short. The four games were PushPlay (a Simon clone), BrainBusters (trivia), Matching (card matching memory game), and WordScramble (a hangman clone). Not sure where the product ended up, but it was fun to work on.